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Making a submission to The Buffalo News

Have a news tip? See something we should report on?

Call The Buffalo News' City Desk at (716) 849-4444. A team of editors are on hand to speak with you. You can also contact our Investigative Team at or (716) 849-4408.

Want to submit a press release? Are you looking for coverage of an event?

Press releases can be emailed to or faxed to (716) 856-5150.

Death Notices/Obituaries

Death notices and obituaries are two different types of items that appear in print and online.

A death notice is a paid item that typically lists survivors, calling hours and services. To purchase a death notice, email, call (716) 856-5555 or (800) 777-8653.

An obituary is a news item about a person of interest to the community. To submit obituary information for consideration, fill out our online form. To speak with an editor about the possibility of an obituary, call (716) 849-4444.

Have an event you want listed?

Go here.

Letters to the Editor/other Opinion section items

  • Letters to the Editor: 250 words, must include writer's name, address, daytime and evening phone numbers.
  • Email

  • My View: 600 words. Personal narrative, open to all WNY writers.
  • Another Voice: 460 words. Issue-oriented column, requiring background or expertise on subject.
  • Email

For further detail on opinion submissions, click here.

Golden Wedding Anniversaries

The Buffalo News has developed an online form for people submitting information about 50th, 55th, 60th, 65th, etc. wedding anniversaries. Submissions can be made online at and should be submitted by the husband, wife or a member of the immediate family.

After you've completed the process, the information will be verified by a member of The News' staff. Announcements will be published as space is available if received by The News no later than one month after the anniversary date.

Women's Voices

We would like to hear from Western New York women about the defining influences on their lives. Send your essay (up to 700 words) to and include your name, e-mail and daytime phone number. The columns are published on Saturdays, with a photo of the author. Submissions must be by email and cannot be promotional in nature or anonymous.

Mailing Address

The Buffalo News
One News Plaza
P.O. Box 100
Buffalo, NY 14240

Name (Title/Position)   Email
Connelly, Mike (Editor)
Connolly, Brian (Managing editor)
Evans, Stan (Deputy Managing Editor)
Kenny, Margaret (Assistant Managing Editor)
Neville, John (Editorial Page Editor)
Chiaramonte, Vince (Design Director)
Local News
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
City Desk 849-4444
Flynn, William (City/Niagara Editor) 849-4077
Becker, Maki (Suburban Editor) 849-4136
Baldwin, Richard (Night City Editor) 849-4474
Watson, Rod (Urban Affairs Editor) 849-5598
Lakamp, Patrick (Assigning Editor for Enterprise) 849-4409
Ehret, Paul (News Editor) 849-4439
Sherman, Doug (News Editor) 849-4010
Gleason, Sharon (Assistant News Editor) 849-4076
Schlau, Carol (Chief Copy Editor) 849-4473
Anderson, Dale 849-4420
Besecker, Aaron 849-4602
Davis, Henry (Medical) 849-5595
Esmonde, Donn (Columnist) 849-4472
Fairbanks, Phil (Federal Court) 849-4507
Fischer, Nancy (Lewiston/North Tonawanda) 849-4604
Gryta, Matt (Crime) 849-4508
Herbeck, Dan (Investigative) 849-4507
Jewell Gee, Denise (Suburban Education) 849-4512
Kearns, Michelle (Aurora/Orchard Park) 849-4479
Kwiatkowski, Jane (Lackawanna) 849-4404
Lankes, Tiffany (City Education) 849-4610
McCarthy, Robert (Politics) 849-5593
McNeil, Harold (Amherst) 849-4614
Michel, Lou (Crime) 849-4508/5594
Miller, Melinda (Courts) 849-4003
O'Brien, Barabara (Southtowns) 849-4617
Pasciak, Mary (Education) 849-4613
Pignataro, T.J. (Environment) 849-4414
Popiolkowski, Joe (Tonawanda) 849-3441
Precious, Tom (Albany) (518) 434-6365
Prohaska, Thomas (Lockport/Niagara County) 440-9692
Rey, Jay (City Education) 849-5591
Robinson, Karen (Depew/Lancaster) 849-4410
Schulman, Susan (City Hall)) 849-4408
Sommer, Mark 849-5484
Spina, Matt (Investigative) 849-4529
Tan, Sandra (Erie County Hall) 849-4419
Tokasz, Jay (Higher Education) 849-4406
Vogel, Charity 849-4412
Warner, Gene 849-5584
Williams, Deidre (City Education) 849-5589
Zremski, Jerry (Washington) (202) 737-3188
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Business Desk 849-4434
Potter, Grove (Business Editor) 849-3492
Epstein, Jonathan (Development) 849-4478
Glynn, Matt (Financial Services) 849-3444
Maziarz Christmann, Samantha 849-4612
Robinson, David 849-4435
Sapong, Emma 849-4611
Watson, Stephen (Business of Health Care) 849-3486
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Features Desk 849-4470 -----
Andriatch, Bruce (Features Editor) 849-4505
Simon, Jeff (Arts Editor) 849-4438
Ruberto, Toni (Gusto Editor) 849-4458
Scanlon, Scott (Refresh Editor) 849-4601
Sullivan, Barb (NeXt Editor) 849-4015
Tsujimoto, Ben ( content coordinator) 849-6927
Dabkowski, Colin (Art/Theater) 849-4006
Galarneau, Andrew (Food Editor) 849-4484
Kunz Goldman, Mary (Classical Music) 849-4001
Martin, Susan (Home & Style Editor) 849-4450
Miers, Jeff (Music) 849-4506
Neville, Anne 849-4119
O'Shei, Tim 849-4429
Pergament, Alan (Media) 849-4470
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Sports Desk 849-4461
Wilson, Lisa (Sports Editor) 849-4465
DiCesare, Bob (Deputy Sports Editor) 849-4463
McShea, Keith (Deputy Sports Editor/Digital) 849-4138
Bailey, Budd (Bandits/High Schools) 849-4462
Carucci, Vic (Bills) 849-4461
Connors, Greg (Media) 849-4461
Dunne, Tyler (Bills) 849-4461
Gaughan, Mark (Colleges) 849-4123
Gleason, Bucky (Columnist) 849-4461
Graham, Tim 849-4461
Harrington, Mike (Sabres) 849-4461
Moritz, Amy (Sabres) 849-4461
Northrop, Milt (Bowling) 849-4461
Rodriguez, Miguel (High Schools) 849-4461
Skurski, Jay (Bills) 849-4461
Sullivan, Jerry (Columnist) 849-4113
Vogl, John (Sabres) 849-4461
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Zakroczemski, Dan 849-4168
Zyglis, Adam 849-4486
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Photographer Desk 849-4428 -----
Gee, Derek (Chief Photographer) 849-4433
Cantillon, Sharon -----
Hickey, John -----
Kirkham, Robert -----
McCoy, James -----
Mulville, Mark -----
Scull, Harry -----
Name (Title/Position) ----- Email
Nason, Geoff (Digital editor) -----
Meehan, Sara (Digital News Editor) -----
Liu, Qina (Digital Engagement Editor) -----


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