What’s that rumbling?

It’s deejays warming up for Giants of Buffalo Broadcasting, a conversation at the Buffalo History Museum on March 15 featuring radio personalities Sandy Beach, Shane Gibson, Danny Neaverth, Joey Reynolds and the great Stan Roberts. Gentlemen, start your engines! With the event still more than a week away, Gibson has pulled into an early lead. He comments from his home in Virginia: “North, Northwest & down, tires burnin’ like vinyl/We go’n’ do what they say cain’t be done. Shuffle off to Buffalo, time gettin’ short to be there/City full of dreams, Let’s have some fun!!! The Jock and the Big Black Horse comin’ to ya, cleaned up and ready to run! Love you guys.”

Give it up …

... for those folks who give up Facebook for Lent. It forces them into having to rely on us, in the good old-fashioned newspaper, to give them their gossip! This story’s for them. It comes from a friend in community theater. He says a fellow cast member has a kid at Catholic school, and a nun there told the kid that for Lent you should give up something you like, that if it’s something you don’t like, it doesn’t count. There are still nuns at these schools? Buzz wondered. But anyway. “The kid came in the next day and said, ‘Sister, I really like school, so I think I’ll give up school for Lent,’” our friend said. Old joke, we’re sure. But with a new punch line: “Believe it or not, the nun called in the parent for a conference.”

Polar opposites

The warmest sight last weekend: the Buffalo News video showing the new polar bear cub at the Buffalo Zoo. Why couldn’t that have been us rubbing the bear’s little belly? So cute!! The chilliest sight last weekend: the Polar Bear Swim for Sight. Oh, no thank you, Buzz shivered. Things come in threes, and driving down Elmwood Avenue, we saw a 24-hour store advertising a special on Polar pop. The picture is complete! It’s a Polaroid.

The buzz

The new Savoy club on Elmwood Avenue looks good, svelte and sleek and shiny. Is it too much to ask that everyone who plays there learn the old Count Basie hit “Stompin’at the Savoy”? ... God love the dentist who knows how to get Buffalonians’ business. We laughed hearing an ad on WBEN-AM starting out something like, “Hardly anyone can keep their New Year resolutions to lose weight. It’s OK. How about another way to look good? Teeth whitening!” Hahahaha! We’re in! As long as we can still eat our chocolate.


“You’re giving up WHAT for Lent?”

– Fellow Vatican dweller to Pope Benedict XVI, in cartoon by Joe Heller